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This is a collection of several questions and answers from Gideros Studio Q & A forum.


Is ... supported?

Are all iOS functions supported?

A: All Objective-C functions are supported via Wax plugin (called BhWax), developed by @bowerandy. See the discussion thread and how to start coding Lua and Objective-C together in our forum.

Are Isometric & Hexagon maps supported?

A: Not yet, but in the list. See this thread.

Is there iCade support?

A: Yes, sort of. See this thread

Is there native UI plugin for iOS?

A: Yes, it's developed and maintained by community. See this thread.

Is there SQLite plugin for iOS?

A: Yes, SQLite plugin comes with the installation. Here is a usage example.

Is there a particle engine for Gideros Studio?

A: Yes, you can use TNT Particle Engine.

Is there a level builder for Gideros Studio?

A: Yes, you can use Gideros SVG Level Builder from KarnakGames.

Does Gideros support native Windows & Mac output?

A: Not yet, but we are working on it. See roadmap.

Is there an image picker plugin?

A: Yes, see here for a discussion and corresponding source code.

Is linear damping of a body supported?

A: Yes, you can use b2.Body:setLinearDamping, b2.Body:getLinearDamping, b2.Body:setAngularDamping and b2.Body:getAngularDamping.

6 touches produces a touches cancel, getting rid of all touch events. Can't the 6th touch be ignored?

A: No, this is a limitation of iPhone. The limit on iPad is 10.

Is it possible to use system fonts directly?

A: Using system fonts have some technical difficulties: iOS doesn't allow accessing to the system font data and each platform (iOS and Android) render fonts differently. Therefore fonts are rendered using FreeType so that on every platform it looks the same.

Can I use services like Redmine, Kinvey, Firebase or Vanilla?

A: Yes, via Gideros RESTFul APIs

Is there a Chartboost plugin for Gideros Studio?

Yes, see here for Android plugin and here for iOS plugin.

Is there an animation editor for definiting sprite animations for Gideros Studio?

A: Yes, download it for free here (donations welcome)

Is there a Greystripe plugin?

A: Yes, there's one for Android and another for iOS devices.

Can I use in-app purchases for IOS?

A: Yes, you can implement in-app purchases for IOs, Here is a usage example

Does Gideros Studio support Google in-app billing?

A: Yes, Gideros Studio allows you to sell virtual goods in your application. We suggest you read the relevant chapter of reference guide first, and then move over to Radiesel's tutorial on how to implement your own in-app billing system.

How can I ... ?

How can I highlight my Lua code in the forum post?

A: Use <pre lang="lua"> your lua code </pre>

Where can I submit a bug report or a feature request?

A: Use Gideros Studio bugtracker

How can I find a very quick Lua tour?

A: See this thread.

How can I simply test gyroscope?

A: Gyroscopetest by Paolo Manna can be used to test the gyro.

How can I use APK expansion files?

Gideros Studio supports APK expansion files starting from 2012.9.6. See this Wiki page for a longer how-to.

How can I see an vertical parallax example?

A: See this thread.

How do I change the tiles dynamically?

A: You can use TileMap:setTile function to change the tiles dynamically. See this thread.

How can I detect collision detection without Box2D?

A: See this thread and sample code.

How can I implement AdMob for Android?

A: See this excellent tutorial from Arturs Sossins.

How can I play a sound continuously? (in an endless loop)

A: Use math.huge as the loop count.

What is the best sound format?

You should use .wav files for sound effects and .mp3 for background music. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of these:

  • wav files: Entire sound is loaded into memory. Has very low latency to play. Consumes little CPU while playing. Suitable for simultaneously played sound effects.
  • mp3 files: Sound is played by reading small chunks therefore consumes little memory. Consumes more CPU compared to .wav files. Suitable for background music/speech. According to tests, playing a single mp3 consumes about %20 of the CPU on iPod touch 2nd gen.

I use Glyphdesigner. Which export option should I use? Is kerning supported?

You should choose .fnt - Cocos2D. Kerning info is also supported.

Where can I buy and sell Gideros Studio related goodies?

A: You can post your request in Marketplace category

Is there an option for the player to start always on top of IDE?

A: Use Gideros Player > View > Always on Top.

How can I implement a page curl effect?

A: See this thread.

How can I show/hide status bar?

This wiki page explains how to do it.

Is it possible to implement gesture recognition?

A: Yes, see here.

How can I implement a water/wave effect?

A: See here for an example.

How do I decompose a polygon?

A: Here's a nice polygon decomposition example.

How can I clear the player output window?

A: Use ctrl+b (or cmd+b) to clear the output window.

What's the biggest texture size limit?

A: Older iPhones and iPods have 1024x1024 and newer iPhones, iPods and iPads have 2048x2048 texture size limit. But on Android, there isn't a specific limit/capability of texture size, however you shouldn't use textures bigger than 1024x1024 on Android.

How do I set the sampling rate of GPS?

A: For GPS you can set the accuracy and threshold by using the functions Geolocation:setAccuracy and Geolocation:setThreshold

Is there an easy way to manage autorotation?

A: Using this class, it is quite easy to allow an application to rearrange itself and support both portrait and landscape arrangements.

How does MovieClip determine the timing?

For example, if you set your framerate 60fps, bitmap1 will last 5/60 secs. MovieClip uses frame based animation because this allows precise tuning of animation.

Does Gideros Studio IDE support bookmarks?

Yes, we support bookmarks. You can use the top toolbar or these shortcuts: ctrl+f2 = toggle bookmark f2 = go to next bookmark shift+f2 = goto previous bookmark

How can I write a C++ plugin and deploy it to the Desktop (Windows) player?

A: See this thread

Can I change the gproj file (for any reason)?

A: Yes, it's a simple and understandable xml file and you can generate/change it as you want.

Is it possible to have a screen shake effect?

A: Yes it is. See this thread.

How can I capture screen in Android?

It's done via native plugins. See this thread.

How can I call a phone number of send an email?

A: With Application:openUrl function, you can provide protocol like http:, https:, tel:, or mailto:, which will accordingly open website, call or open an email dialog

How can I use collision filters?

A: Here is a great explanation how collision filters work.

How can I view files stored in document (|D|) folder?

A: See this thread.

Is there a Scoreoid example using RESTFul API?

A: Yes, see this thread

How can I control Z-index of object?

A: Here's and example how to do it.

How does Gideros Studio handle memory usage?

Please see this thread in the forum.

How can I control Gideros player from command line?

Please see this thread in the forum.

Errors & issues

Why do I get a crash when I work on a SQLite db?

A: Probably you are trying to reach a non-existant db file. When the db file doesn't exit, SQLite tries to create an empty one. Since the resource directory is readonly, it crashes instead of giving a meaningful error.

Why do I get an error at android:configChanges="keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenSize" in manifest.xml?

A: Probably you need to upgrade Android SDK at least to 4.0.3 version and set build target for it More information here.

Everything looks normal, but I still get crashes

A: You must fix all of your image filenames. The filenames on Android are case sensitive and as such the name you use to load the image must match exactly the name of the image. Make sure every filename and references should be the same, otherwise it will not work.

I cannot connect to the player on my device

A: Gideros Studio uses port 15000 to connect to Android & iOS devices. Make sure you do not have any firewalls or port blockers that prevents Gideros Studio IDE from connecting to your device.

Samples and examples

Is there a game template?

A: Yes, there's one made by Arturs Sosins. See this thread.

Is there an ebook template?

A: Yes, see this thread.

Is there a runner template that I can buy?

A: Yes, see this thread.

Where can I find a simple Doodle Jump example?

A: You can use this example and study for your games.

Is there a scene manager example?

A: Yes, download it from Github

Is there a RESTFul API for Gideros Studio to use?

A: Yes. See Nathan Doss' example which support many services.

Tiled example is too confusing. Is there another simpler version?

A: See here.

Is there a full example I can use featuring Tiled, tile layer, object layer and box2d collisions?

A: Glad you asked! :-)

How can I use Pubnub system?

A: See this forum post for an example

Is there a multiplayer app/game example?

A: See this forum post for an example

Is there a good looking virtual keyboard example?

A: Mathz Franzén has developed a wonderful virtual keyboard, get it from Github

Is there a library providing utilities for strings operations?

A: Yes, see the Allen library here authored by Roland Yonaba

Is there a library providing utilities acting as shortcuts for common programming tasks on tables?

A: Yes, see the Moses library authored by Roland Yonaba


What's the sampling rate of accelerometer?

A: On iOS, accelerometer sample rate is set to 1/60 sec ~= 16 miliseconds. On Android, accelerometer sample rate is set as SENSOR_DELAY_GAME (20 milliseconds)

What's the sampling rate of gyroscope?

A: On iOS, gyroscope rotation rate is read from sensor at every frame (1/60 sec ~= 16 miliseconds). On Android, gyroscope rotation rate sample rate is set as SENSOR_DELAY_GAME (20 milliseconds)

What's the difference between MovieClip and GTween?

A: MovieClips are designed to be static. You construct a movie clip animation then use again and again without changing it. GTween is more dynamic. You create a tween on demand, it plays and then garbage collected. MovieClips will be able to do everything that GTween does. Also MovieClips are native and faster to execute.

Does Gideros has official IRC channel?

A: Yes, join us at #gideros chatroom at