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You can build Gideros on Mac standalone, but it is really recommended to use Macports or Homebrew

homebrew or macports is extremely helpful while working/developing on mac

In this case we will use MacPorts So at first you need to install dependent libraries

sudo port install jpeg
sudo port install libpng
sudo port install freetype
sudo port install zlib
sudo port install glew

Then try running first build script, to build QT libs


It should complete successfully, if some library is missing, install it again through macports

Then try building plugins


Then try to build Gideros Studio and other software


If it fails with fatal error: 'Qsci/qsciscintilla.h' file not found

Then install QScintilla:

Install QSci.....2.8.3.tar.gz, untar it

goto folder Qt4Qt5 edit `qscicommandset.cpp` and put line


after the includes

Then call

make install

Note: QMake should be located by default in `/Qt/Qt5.3.1/5.3/clang_64/bin/qmake`

Also if your QT PAth is different, you should also modify `gideros/ui/` file

Find line:

INCLUDEPATH += /Qt/Qt5.3.0/5.3/clang_64/include

And edit it to your path

Now you should be able to build


And you have a Gideros running on Your Mac machine